Napoles Ballet

Napoles Ballet will reopen its doors in 2017, and will hold its next audition in February of 2017 for dancers with experience in strong school of  classic ballet training.

Starting with the paritcipacion of the new dancers, the company will be working on a cycle of revivals coreographies like (No More Strangers, Lecuona, Fausto among others).

Napoles Ballet company  will also premiere new ballets from severals  international choreographers  like (Marianela Boan, Pepe Hevia, Lesme Grenot and Caridad Martinez.

These performances will give rise to the recurrence of Napoles ballet in the environment of cultural life in the city of San Francisco and the USA.

Napoles Ballet also welcome its new Director's assistant,choreographer and ballet master Ruben Rodriques together with  Llanet Llana graduated from Instituto Superior de Arte de Cuba, whom are part of the new company team and board members as well.They represent Napoles Ballet new perspective and current vision of the roots of the  cuban cultural landscape. 

Artistic Director Luis Napoles who coreographies are based on  pieces from a variety of styles based on his Afro-Cuban dance, musical tradition and Classical Ballet technique, is excited of sharing his vision and work with the new members of his company.

Napoles Ballet contemporary cuban style aims to delight the public from the depths of its director and choreographers with things that float in time through the sedution of more and more dance.